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True Worshippers (TW) Lirik Lagu Rohani

Juru Slamatku by True Worshippers (TW)


Walau ku harus berjalan
Dalam lembah kekelaman
Perlindunganmu oh Tuhan
Nyatalah bagi hidupku

Tiada pernah sedetik pun
Tiada pernah kau tinggalkan
Sungguh mulia dan sempurna
Hanya kau layak disembah

Yesus engkau jurus’lamatku
Dalam janjimu kemenanganku
Selamanya ‘kan kunyatakan
Besar setiamu Tuhan
Di hidupku

I Will Come by True Worshippers (TW)

Verse 1

I'm invited
to the feast
That my King
has prepared

Though I'm weak
and unworthy
Yet my King
will let me in


And I will come
I will sing
And I will open up my heart
And let You in

For You have washed away my sins
And Your blood had made me clean
I will come, I will come
I will sing
Verse 2

I will run
To the cross
Where my King
Has set me free

And I will worship
At Your feet
For You die
That I may live

Verse 3

Dan ku datang
Dan ku membuka hatiku

S'bab kau t'lah tebus dosaku
Dan darah-Mu pulihkan
Ku datang, ku datang
dan bernyanyi


Ku datang, ku datang
dan bernyanyi

God Is Our Victory by True Worshippers (TW)


You’re the one who stands before us
You’re the one who brought us out from the darkness
You’re the mighty God who saves us
When the storms and fires are raging all around us

If God is for us who’ll stand against us
Who can separate us from the love of Christ
If God is for us who can divide us
You have overcome the world by your great love

Let God arise, let God arise
Let us behold Him and bow down
He leads us all through battles won
God is our victory, we shall rise

God is our victory

Be Glorified And Magnified by True Worshippers (TW)


Glory you God in the highest

For your great and matchless name

I worship you and honor you

You're lifted up in this place


Jesus the son is the wonder

Heaven he came, lamb of God

For you alone the holy one

You're lifted up in this place


O God I worship you

O God I worship you

Be glorified and magnified

O God I worship you

All My Days by True Worshippers (TW)



Give me a heart to worship you

Give a heart to love you

Teach me Lord to number my days

That I may please your heart

In all my days


For you are worthy

To receive glory

To you my life I yield

I will bless you all my days


I lift my hands to you

My life is yours to use

A living sacrifice

Be acceptable to you

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