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Sidney Mohede Lirik Lagu Rohani

Hands Up Feat Igor Saykoji by Sidney Mohede


Hands Up (feat Igor Saykoji)
Kalau punya liriknya, kirim ke info at ya
God Bless

My Simple Song Feat Maya Hasan by Sidney Mohede


Praise You 'Til The Morning Sun
Shine Upon My Eyes
Praise You 'Til The Moon Begins To Shine

I Lift You Up Above My Heart
I'm Yours Right From The Start
I Lift My Simple Song For Your Delight


Here I Am To Praise You
Here I Am To Worship You
Let Me Sing This Song For You

Your Are My Glorious
My Glorious Risen Lord
You Are Most Wonderful
There's No One To Compare With You Lord

Tiada Sepertimu Feat Jakarta Tabernacle Choir by Sidney Mohede


Anug'rahMu kepadaku tak pernah berubah
PerbuatanMu terlukiskan di dalam hatiku
Tercengangku dibuatMu, kagum padaMu
Tak ada hal di hidupku terluput dariMu
Kau indah, Kau mulia, tiada sepertiMu
Ku ingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

Verse 2

Kau terawal dan terakhir, pencipta s'galanya
S'luruh bintang pun bersinar oleh ucapanMu
Engkau pun mengasihiku, penulis hidupku
Tak henti seg'nap nafasku menyembahMu s'lalu
Kau indah, Kau mulia, tiada sepertiMu
Ku ingin hidupku menyenangkanMu


S'gala puji, s'gala hormat
Seg'nap hatiku menyembahMu
Terimalah seg'nap hidupku
S'bagai persembahan yang hidup


Bukan kehendakku, namun kehendakMu
Hidupku bagiMu
Kau indah, kau mulia
Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu


S'bagai persembahan yang hidup (3x)

As Long As I Live Feat Jakarta Tabernacle Choir by Sidney Mohede


Let Me Enter In Your Place
With All The Weak And Strong
And Young And Old
The Rich And Poor And Tired Souls
Leave My Worries On The Floor
And Let My Faith Be Strong
As I’m Covered By Your Grace Abound
And Love So Strong

Now I Lay Down My Life
To Honor And Worship In This Place
And I’m Down On My Knees
To Bring This Offering And Praise

Holy Holy God Almighty
The Earth Be Filled With
Peace And Glory
(Mercy Grace And Love Surround Me)
Jesus Savior My Defender
Your Name Be Honored
As Long As I Live


Guitar Chords and Piano Sheet can be found at

It Is Done by Sidney Mohede

Verse 1

You took the Cross and carried it to Calvary
When all was lost You made a way
You prayed for us and took the weight of all we'd done
And oh You are the reason we can say


It is done, It is done by Your blood
It is done, You have overcome the world

Verse 2

Your word is true, It shall not come back void to You
When all is lost You are the way
Your light will shine, Your death has brought the dead to life
And oh You are the reason we proclaim


Every sickness, Every weakness
Every fear, and doubt and shame
Every burden, Every hurt is
Overcome in Jesus name

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