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Angels Cry Holy by Planetshakers

Singers / Artists: Sam Evans, Mike Guglielmucci

Albums: Evermore (2005)

Angels Cry Holy YouTube video

Verse 1

Before all time began
You had the perfect plan
To make us in the image of Yourself

Although we went astray
You even planned that day
On which You sent Your Son to pay the price


You took on all the sins of the world
And washed them all away
Bearing every curse upon that tree


We all cry holy, holy
Holy is the Lord
The angels cry holy, holy
Holy is the Lord

Verse 2

With all my future plans
They're safe within Your hands
Far beyond my highest thoughts and prayers

With all my heart and soul
I'll praise You and extol
The mighty God who holds me in His arms


Holy is the Lord (4x)