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Heartbeats by Hillsong United

Singers / Artists: Matt Crocker

Songwriters / Authors: Michael Guy Chislett, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Ben Tennikoff

Albums: Zion (2013)

Heartbeats YouTube video

Verse 1

Love strung out I am found in the price You paid
I know that Your life is the blood running through my veins
My eyes fixed wide on the light of the cross again
I feel the weight drop in the wake of the empty grave


I want You, need You
I love You Jesus
My heart beats forever
Just to know You
Let go and throw
My future into Your hands


Verse 2

Heart beats loud to the sound of a different drum
Calling me out from the crowd to pursue the One


Break me down till I soar on grace
Lead me on through the fire and rain
The rhythm of my heart beats wild
For Your endless praise
Every waking hour I will seek Your face