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Always Will by Hillsong Live

Singers / Artists: Jay Cook

Songwriters / Authors: Jay Cook, Jarred Rogers, Jamie Snell

Albums: Glorious Ruins (2013)

Always Will YouTube video

Verse 1

Where I go
You will go
You never leave me
When I'm lost
There's always hope

In every high
In every low
You're standing next to me
In the fire
There's always hope


I will lift my eyes
Let my heart cry out
You're alive

With an anthem we raise
Up our voice proclaim
You're alive


Your love keeps chasing me
And it always will
It always will
Your grace keeps changing me
And it always will
It always will

You gave Your life away
Once and for all
Once and for all
Forever You will reign
And You always will
You always will

Verse 2

In my joy
In my pain
You're right beside me
In Your arms
There's always hope

When I fall
You are there
Your mercy will catch me
All my hope
In Christ alone

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